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The new AI-702 speakers.

We all know that the more flat a TV is, the worse the sound becomes.
The existing AI-1202 and AI-1002 speakers are extremely suitable for solving this problem, but we received many requests to see whether there was a possibility to shorten the length of these speakers and with that optically fit better alongside a TV.
Of course without this being at the expense of the sound quality.

After the necessary adjustments and many tests, they are now available, 70 cm long with the same sound experience than the existing AI-1202 and AI-1002 ….



By using the same technology as the AI-1202 and AI-1002, this remains a line-aray solution while retaining the advantages that we already know from the 2 larger variants.
Think of intelligibility and dispersion which also reveals positive in this 70cm version.

The new AI-70 is a combination of membrane / magnetostatic technology and the smaller variant of the AI-100.
This results in a speaker system with a length of 70 centimeters that is even more compact than the AI-100 and fits perfectly alongside, for example, a TV.
Combining it with a qualified subwoofer, provided with a unusual phase correction feature so far in this price range, the AI-70 can focus on frequencies above 150 Hz.
The AI-70 combines the sound energy and thus achieves an unprecedented range of speech and music intelligibility
Whether you use a digital, analogue or tube amplifier, the AI-70 behaves as “best in class”.

The construction of the AI-70 avoids the usual high of a complex loads, such as occur in the majority of conventional passive speakers.

All these new technical features make it possible for the AI-70 to achieve an inconspicuous 2.1 stereo or even 5.1 / 7.1 surround system without compromising sound quality.
If desired, the AI-70 can work seamlessly with its larger family members such as the AI-100 and or AI-120.

The AI-70 speaker systems combine stylish sleek design with crystal clear sound.
Convince yourself and discover the new dimension of sound.

Experience the new sound
The AI-70 speaker set is a speaker system in unprecedented compactness that can be placed harmoniously next to a TV. This small version can of course also be used as a 2.1 stereo solution.
Speakers with dimensions from only 4cm wide, 2cm deep and 70 centimeters long in combination with a powerful 400 Watt subwoofer (200 Watt RMS), you can enjoy movies and music in unprecedented sound quality.

The latest technology
These uncompromising slim speakers not only convince with their slim design, but also with an unmistakable sound experience.


Technical Data AI-70 Speakers

System: Line array
Rated power: 60W
Impedance: 6 ohms
Frequency range: 160 Hz – 20 KHz
Radiation angle, horizontal: 160°
Radiation angle, vertical: 40°
Sensitivity: 84 dB/W/m
Max. rated SPL: 97 dB
Width: 36mm
Height: 710mm
Depth: 22mm
Chassis: Aluminum
Version: White or Black
Placing: Suspension system
Number of drivers: 3