The Ollo Audio headphones

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Haptically based audio experience.

It is rare for headphones to change the dimension of listening, but the Ollo Audio Play2Me is a real game changer.

“Pure out of the box”

Ollo Audio Play2Me

The accuracy of the bass in conjunction with the headphones and amplifier provide a surprise, even when compared to a sound studio.
It gives so much “insight” into the interaction between the low, medium and high frequencies that you have the feeling that you are in the middle of it.
The set sounds detailed and accurate and gives a good sense of “the air” in the music. (A real unique experience)
The special feature of this set is the BSE (Body Sound Experience) haptically based subwoofer that gives an extra dimension to your favorite music.
It sounds pure, which is extremely pleasant if you want to experience music as it was intended. Lively, wide, transparent and natural.

Haptic technology ensures that the interaction between people and music becomes “more realistic”.
This means that in addition to hearing (music), there is an element of “feeling”, because the more senses we use, the more realistic it becomes.
The subwoofer is included in a special way into a cushion that provides an unprecedented dimension to listening to music.

This unique set brings pure music together with an extra sense of feeling.


Ollo Audio headphones are already being used by some of the biggest names in the music industry who work with popular artists such as U2, Tiësto, Jessie J, jLo & Iggy Azalea, INXS, SIA, Muse, Rod Stewart, Timbaland, Bryan Adams, Beyonce and more.


The Ollo Audio products are handmade with luxurious but environmentally friendly materials. They are basic, stylish, minimalistic and without plastic parts. In short, everything you expect from headphones.


Because the ear cushions are made of acoustic foam and extra elastic artificial leather, the wearing comfort is extremely high and you can also listen to long music sessions without getting tired or irritated.


It sounds pure, which is extremely pleasant if you want to experience music as it was intended. Lively, wide, transparent and natural.


Thanks to the use of well thought out and sustainable materials, these headphones are fully recyclable.


Ollo Audio is a European product and is made here completely by hand.


Experience the music how it should be .. Many well-known producers from the music industry are already using it. In short, headphones with studio quality.


The headphones can of course also be purchased without an amplifier and a haptic subwoofer.
These also give a very realistic picture, certainly in comparison with the headphones that are offered in this price range.
There are two models: the HPS S4 (open version) and HPS S4R (closed version).


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Technical specifications headphone:

Speaker size: 50mm closed back design
Frequency range: 20-22kHz balanced response
SPL: 114dB hearing threshold
Impedance: 32ohm
Ear cups outer diameter: 86mm
Ear cups inner diameter: 70mm
Ear cups material: Walnut
Headband material: Stainless steel and artificial leather
Ear pads size: 90mm
Ear pads material: Acoustic foam, extra elasticity artificial leather
Cable termination: Detachable Y cable –  2.5mm mini jack
Connector: 3.5mm jack with adapter to 6.3mm jack
Serviceable: Every part of HPS S4R is replacable with home tools

Technical specifications subwoofer:

Color: Black
Material: Quality artificial leather
Power handling: 20W/30W (RMS/peak)
Power max input: 30W (short term)
Impedance: 16 ohm
Frequency response: 0.004 – 1kHz (best reproduction 20-80Hz)
Resonant frequency: 40Hz
Input: 5pin XLR
Size: 37 by 23 cm or 14.5in by 9in

Technical specifications amplifier:

Input: balanced XLR or RCA
Headphones output: 6.3mm balanced jack
BSE PA output: 5 pin XLR
Subwoofer level: separate level intensity for BSE
Input switch: between XLR and RCA input
Mono Switch: to check mix in mono on headphones
Power: 110-250V
Frequency range: 4Hz-40kHz flat response
Total harmonic distortion (THD): < 0.01% @ 1kHz
Impedance: 8-600ohm
Character: balanced