Ollo Audio HPS S4X Reference

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The new Ollo Audio HPS S4X is now limited available.

May I introduce the new Ollo Audio HPS S4X Reference.

These new Ollo Audio HPS S4X headphones are based on the existing HPS S4 but with upgrades recommended by the OLLO community.
So not just an upgrade, but with the points that matter…

Frequency response

An even flatter frequency response than the HPS S4.

Frequence response

New earpads



The pads are custom designed and the opening is slightly enlarged, making it pleasantly comfortable.
This means they fit better around the ears and have enough padding to comfortably rest against your ears, so even more comfort than before.
The earpads are 90mm and consist of velvet, artificial leather and memory foam.


High precision woven mesh


Manufactured to improve acoustics and protect sensitive components.

  • Smooth monofilament fiber
  • Efficient protection against dust
  • Strict airflow control


Matched speakers



All speakers in each series are selected and matched to achieve the smallest possible tolerance
between the left and right channels.
They are made of Neodymium with a 2 layer spiral and a 25h PET membrane



New headband design



The headband has been redesigned to eliminate resonance when touched.
It has combined the durability and strength of stainless steel with the luxury
and elegance of the nautical leather for maximum comfort.


“Pure out of the box”

The new Ollo Audio HPS S4X is also completely built by hand and is composed of high-quality environmentally conscious materials.
As with the HPS S4 and S4R, it works without correction software (DSP), complicated electronics and DA conversions.
Due to the even flatter frequency response, it sounds pleasantly pure, which is extremely pleasant if you want to experience music as intended.
Lively, wide, transparent and natural..

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