Ollo Audio HPS S4 Headphone

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Not just a standard headphone.

This Ollo Audio HPS S4 headphone is namely used by professional sound engineers and is now also available in the Benelux.

“Flat out of the box”

The fully hand-built headphones from Ollo Audio are made from high-quality environmentally conscious materials.
The special feature of this headset is that it works without correction software (DSP), sophisticated electronics and DA conversions.
It sounds pure, which is extremely pleasant if you want to experience music as it was intended. Lively, wide, transparent and natural.

The audio quality is achieved with the aid of acoustic compounds, such as also commonly used in the better speakers.
This allows you to enjoy all the nuances in music.

Premium Quality:

The HPS S4 headphones are built with luxurious but environmentally friendly materials (made in Europe) and exudes class and durability.
Because the ear cushions are made of acoustic foam and extra elastic artificial leather, the wearing comfort is extremely high and you can also listen to long music sessions without getting tired or irritated.


Trusted by many world class engineers:

These headphones are used by many well-known and less well-known “engineers” in the music industry such as:

Chris Brown: Muse, Radiohead, Bon Jovi, Spice Girls, Ronan Keating, INXS,…
Adam Mosely: U2, Rush, Beck, Genesis, Nikka Costa, Roxette, East 17, The Cure,…
Gary Noble: Amy Winehouse, Jessie J, James Arthur, Joss Stone,…

Technical specifications:

Speaker size: 50mm open back design
Frequency range: 20-22kHz flat response design
SPL: 112dB hearing threshold
Impedance: 32ohm
Ear cups outer diameter: 86mm
Ear cups inner diameter: 70mm
Ear cups material: Walnut
Headband material: Stainless steel and Faux leather
Ear pads size: 90mm
Ear pads material: Acoustic foam, extra elasticity artificial leather
Cable termination: Detachable Y 2.5mm mini jack
Connector: 3.5mm jack with adapter to 6.3mm jack
Servicable: Every part of HPS S4 is replacable with home too

1 review for Ollo Audio HPS S4 Headphone

  1. Chris de Gier

    Allereerst complimenten ook aan Audio Innovations.
    Koptelefoon werd vlot bezorgd en ze zijn goed bereikbaar.

    De Ollo Audio S4 is werkelijk een prachtige en solide hoofdtelefoon met heerlijk geluid.
    Hij klinkt altijd gecontroleerd en relaxed maar zeker niet te warm of dof.
    Er is gewoon geen stress te bespeuren..De hoofdtelefoon kan heel luid spelen maar wordt nooit schel of irritant.
    Het geluid is detailrijk met goede plaatsing…

    De hoofdtelefoon is ook zeer comfortabel.
    Geluid wat door de open structuur naar buiten komt is niet hard en zal je omgeving niet gaan irriteren.
    De Ollo is ook uitstekend te gebruiken icm een smartphone.
    Daarnaast is deze hoofdtelefoon degelijk gebouwd met mooie materialen.

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