Up to your ears in love

Up to your ears in love

The “over-ear” HPS S4 headphones from Ollo Audio is one to fall in love with immediately.
It is a delight to your ears, so you can enjoy your favorite music to the fullest.
Sounds pure which is extremely pleasant if you want to experience music as it is intended.
Lively, wide, transparent and natural..

Premium Quality:

The HPS S4 headphones are built with luxurious but environmentally friendly materials
(made in Europe) and exudes class and durability.
Because the ear cushions are made of acoustic foam and extra elastic artificial leather,
the wearing comfort is extremely high and you can also listen to long music sessions without
getting tired or irritated..
The audio quality is achieved with the help of acoustic connections, as is often the case with the
better speakers with some extras.
This allows you to enjoy all the nuances in music both audibly and tangibly ……

Don’t want to hear anything next to it

If you don’t want to be “disturbed” by ambient noise, the Ollo Audio HPS S4R is a good choice.
In contrast to the HPS S4, this is equipped with dense shells, so that the ambient noise penetrates less.
This makes this version ideal for, among others, “mixing engineers” in the music world.
Used by many well-known professional sound engineers such as:

Chris Brown: Muse, Radiohead, Bon Jovi, Spice Girls, Ronan Keating, INXS,…
Adam Mosely: U2, Rush, Beck, Genesis, Nikka Costa, Roxette, East 17, The Cure,…
Gary Noble: Amy Winehouse, Jessie J, James Arthur, Joss Stone,…

Next to it you don’t want to hear anything

Always wanted to have a music man cave but you don’t have the space ??
The Ollo Audio Play2Me brings the music man cave to the square meter,
without bothering the people in your area !!

The Ollo Audio Play2Me consists of a HPS S4 headset and a BSE haptic subwoofer
and separate amplifier.
It is rare for headphones to change the dimension of listening, but the Ollo Audio
Play2Me really changes something..

This unique set brings pure music together with an extra sense of feeling…..

Detailed information in the PDF below.

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